Just a fraction of some of the beautifully designed objects I´m craving from the Toronto design shop, Mjölk, run by Juli Daoust and John Baker, who together travel Scandinavia and Japan for aesthetically pure and simple products. 
Hand hammered Yukihira pot
 Oji Masanori Kami mug
 Glass carafe & Kishu Binchotan (coal)
 Kubus candleholder 4, designed in 1962 by Mogens Lassen
 Kenton Sorensen iPad hand cut and sewn leather portfolio
 Tajika cast iron scissors
Futae (Nousaku) tin cup set designed by Oji Masanori

Johan Ku

 Love the sculptural and chunky knits of fashion designer Johan Ku

Le Chalet Zannier

Fancy staying at a cozy and luxurious chalet while skiing in the French Alps? Then book Le Chalet Zannier asap. God knows I would, given the change.  

Found via Remodelista


Taking a stroll on a black, sandy beach in Iceland in 2006, Icelandic jewelry designer Johanna Methusalemsdottir came across the white bones of an Arctic Tern, lying in the sand. Intrigued by the shapes of the bones, Johanna took them home to play with. The result is her successful Kria collection, a set of mystical, slightly macabre line of jewelry. The collection consists of bronze, black oxidized silver and 14 carat gold amulets cast from the jawbone of fish and birds vertebrae etc. Cod bones are the main inspiration for Kria´s upcoming collection, which will be available in selected stores in New York, Iceland and Norway. 


The home of Stine A

This bright and colorful apartment is the home of Stine A Johansen´s and her family in Copenhagen. Most of the colorful paintings are Stine´s own work. The apartment is beautifully furnished with design classics such as the Tolix and Eames chairs, new design such as the round dining room table, designed by Anders Folke Andersen and flea market finds.

Found via Nordic Design

Jansson kitchen by Helena Bloom

This sleek kitchen unit, Jansson, designed by Helena Bloom for LEVA,  just won the Swedish Elle Interiör 2012 Design Award for best kitchen product, during the recent Stockholm Design Week. Beautiful.

Does Daniella live here?

There isn´t much information to be found on this beautiful apartment which I found on Sköna Hem´s website, but I think it´s the home of the stylist/photographer who shot these images, Daniella Witte. I know some might feel there´s been enough already of homes decorated in white, black, gray and wood on blogs in general, but this is my favorite palette and similar to what you will find in my home, so there;)

Found via Sköna Hem
Photographer Daniella Witte


Although I feel safest with terra firma underneath my feet, I have to admit to a huge weakness for sailboats. One thing on my To-do-before-I-die-list is to take a vacation sailing, not on your ordinary cruise liners but preferably on an old-fashioned sailboat (sleek wooden decks would be a definite plus). It wouldn´t hurt if my float would be as aesthetically perfect as this yacht, designed by Luca Brenta with interiors designed by none other than John Pawson. If you share my passion of sailing, do take the time to have a look at the video at the end of this post.

B60 Sailing in Sardinia from Luca Brenta YD on Vimeo.

Caravaggio light by Cecilie Manz

The Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) is best known for his mastery in playing with the dramatic effects of light in his paintings. As one art historian famously said, Caravaggio put the "oscuro" in the chiaroscuro (the gradiation of light and shade in a painting as I learned in Art History class way back). The Danish designer Cecilia Manz designed and named one of her best-known designs, the Caravaggio light, after the Italian painter. The clean, modern lines of the lamp are on the other hand inspired by modern industrial-style trends. The light is producted by Lightyears



The Tablo table is designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen for Normann Copenhagen. The inspiration for the table comes from the classic and decorative Morocco tea tables which Nicholai has updated into this streamlined, minimalistic version that is Tablo. More on Tablo here